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Thank you for registering to my upcoming Greensight Webinar.

We cannot wait to catch-up with you soon and discuss how we can positively influence one of the greatest challenges of this century: sustainability.

In the meantime, you can find below some of the tools and services we developed to help leaders in their sustainability and ESG journey.

How Is Your Business addressing the sustainability challenge?

Are you curious about where your business stands on the journey to sustainability?

Do you know how your leadership’s attitude towards sustainability can impact your organization’s success in this area?

Based on an extensive research and the insights of more than 350 C-Suite executives and board members, I developed a Diagnostic Tool to find out where you organisation is at in terms of sustainability and the next possible steps to elevate your game.

With this diagnostic tool, you get your dedicated ESG 123® Profile:

  • By answering a few questions it takes less than 10 minutes),
  • It’s completely free, and
  • You receive your customised results and recommendations based on your inputs, immediately.

Don’t wait and get your ESG123® Profile Report now.

The Sustainability Guide For Company Directors

Greensight: The Sustainability Guide for Company Directors is here to help senior and C-Suite leaders tackle the sustainability transition by:

  • Simplifying the alphabet soup of sustainability jargon into board language.
  • Providing references, infographics, explanatory tables and checklists for immediate action.
  • Framing four typologies for business sustainability readiness, allowing leaders to assess their company’s current status and set clear goals.
  • Clearly outlining the evolving sustainability governance and accountabilities for boards and C-suites, helping them to avoid costly consequences.

As sustainability imperatives become more and more daunting, with increasing demands from governments, shareholders, partners, employees, and clients, leaders must answer to a host of changing expectations at every level.

Greensight is your handbook to understanding, meeting, and exceeding these expectations.

Green Sight Survey

How Is Your Business addressing the sustainability challenge?

Our Greensight survey is an invaluable tool for you in gathering experiences and insights from C-Suite executives and board members on sustainability and ESG implications for corporations.

Share your views and receive our report for the most relevant and up-to-date sustainability strategies, allowing you to and benchmark your business with your competitors.

The survey takes 5 minutes to complete—perfect with a morning cup of coffee. Best of all, for every survey submission, a child will get 5 days of access to life-giving water.

Success comes from courage in uncertainty

As an international speaker, with more than 3 decades of experience, I genuinely love speaking about sustainability.

I believe that this incredible challenge offers a tremendous amount of opportunities, which can give any organisation a competitive edge for decades to come. We must not wait for the rules to change but lead the change to elevate the rules.

No matter the engagement format (keynote, workshop, panel participation and moderation, facilitation), I would love to explore how we can partner to develop your sustainability advantage and create a greener future.

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