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…the woman who started out by turning a loss-making student union to a $10 million business in under 18 months. The one who raised her first million in capital at 23, all the while drinking Chardonnay, turning heads, and having the time of her life. The one who’d lived through 5 revolutions by age 32 and used what that taught her to help steer PricewaterhouseCoopers through the Asian financial crisis as head of their financial services consulting practice in Thailand. Who then went on to lead digital transformation at an Asian bank and…

I can smell a trend I made my name across several global industries based on the precision of my business instincts: I can smell trends coming from miles away—and I know how to ride them. I had my first computer before the internet was even invented and was on the board of a $100 million non-profit at 24, which made me two decades younger than practically anyone else there. I mentor leaders I’ve gone on to build a reputation as a business mentor who gets results. I work with highly successful leaders, the ones who’ve made it once and want to do so again—and this time, keep their soul. Winning deep In my experience, good business is about money and meaning. It might be delivering a near billion-dollar project that was, in the words of an IBM executive, “a miracle.” Or being board advisor for an industry transforming alliance whose ground-breaking results are shifting the dial on sustainability. Or mentoring a high-flying founder as he took his team through a turbulent strategic shift that led to an impeccably timed sale that was not only the right direction for him, but ensured that his clients, team, and investors would also thrive. My guiding vision The bottom line is always more than just the bottom line.

The adventures of a business woman

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You’ve decisions to make

Enough about me. You’re here because you’ve got decisions to make, and that’s where I can help. Know, if you are reading this, you’ve made a great decision to read down this far. Thank you for that. The next decision you’re going to make is whether you are going to read on or not. You’re going to read on. Let me tell you how I help people make really big decisions.

How I help

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Some of my clients

Big companies get that way by making big decisions. I ask them the tough questions that get to the heart of the right answers for their business—while keeping in mind that leading from the heart is the best strategy in any industry. As a working artist with the mind of scientist, I bring an unusual left- and right-brain balance to every question I tackle, allowing me to see past the obvious and into the true change required. I know which questions to ask.

Where are you at risk?

If you are in these industries, you should know I’m working with these leaders. I’m advising them about the risks you might not be thinking about.

My work in media

I’ve been interviewed on radio, in print, and for online media outlets. Corporations regularly ask me to provide expert opinions on transition, governance, and risk. I also comment on calm productivity and using kindness to navigate uncertainty and crisis.

Showing up for what I believe in

(because we all want to be greater than the sum of our parts, right?) I was born in a time when women did not have equal footing socially, financially, or legally. I founded the Purple Elephant of the Beautiful Future because this is our moment in history to enact lasting change. The brightest future and the only sustainable one is where men and women share all the benefits and challenges of tackling the problems that face us together. I spoke about this at TEDx in 2018. You can see the talk here.

My promise to you

With me in your corner, you will make better decisions, ones that best serve your business, your people, and your soul.

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