Become an Authority

The Authority process simplifies and accelerates your business and career. This process is for busy, successful professionals looking to add significantly to their impact. Authorities attract opportunities. They attract business. They attract people into their network. Because they are an authority.

Make no mistake. Being an authority is a commitment. It’s about who you are and what you are taking out to the world. If you are ready to go big, this is for you.

Work out if it is this is the right time for you to an authority with the Authority Scorecard.


One of the foundational pieces of being an authority is being known as one. Authoring your own book is key to this.

“Working with Joanne Flinn and her team to get my book published is the best business decision I’ve made so far. I’ve already got her lined up to help me out with two more books. She’s world class.”
– Andrea Edwards, the Digital Conversationalist, Asia

Dr Joyce Carols,
Best Selling Author

If you would have told me a year ago that I would write a book and it would become an Amazon Bestseller in one week, I would not have believed you. But the truth is: I did it! I can proudly call myself a Best Selling author and my book is sold all over the world.
– Drs. Joyce Carols, Global Speaker, Success Mindset, the Netherlands

About me, I’m Joanne Flinn. I’ve published every way there is. From self publishing to the full publishing house process and everything in between. I’ve had 4 best sellers, won awards and even had one book recognized as worthy of being in a museum.

My team has worked with me on multiple books. We’ve successfully helped professionals take their book idea to publication within nine months. We’ve created books where global teams are coordinated to share their insights and expertise in under twelve months.

These range from $35,500 at the low end to north of $100,000 for a fully bespoke global book project. Click here to book a one on one call with me to design your book project for you.

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