How will mentoring change your world?

Life is all about decisions. I help companies and people make the right decisions when it matters most.

I work with CXOs and leaders who are out to make C-Suite impact. I work with people who are in the $5–10 million bracket and who want to go further.

If you want to add a zero—let’s talk.

If your business is about making a sustainable profit and not simply slashing and burning for margin, if innovation and doing good are as important to you as good governance and risk management—let’s talk.

Any decision that is not putting you closer to that goal is taking you further away from it, but this can be hard to see when you’re in the thick of it.

Together we develop timelines and achievable next steps that empower you to reach your goals. It’s how I’ve helped get billion-dollar projects over the line. It’s how I’ve helped today’s leaders build world-class businesses that tackle world-class challenges. It’s how I’ve mentored clients as they reach for their dreams of making an impact in the world of ideas—be it—writing best selling book, daring that big bold adventure, finding their voice or spreading their wings as an artist.

Miracles is how decision-makers have described working with me. It might seem that way, but there’s nothing miraculous about a methodical, creative, approach to getting to your goal—with your soul intact.

My work has helped over 250 million people in 52 countries, when we multiply out the impact my clients make in the world. In mentoring people like you, I aim to change the lives of a billion people over the next decade.

Have you decided to work with me? Click here to book at 20 minute chat. Your next game-changing decision is now.

Mentoring for ground-breaking executives, founders, and thought leaders

I work with a select and limited number of people at any time, and the starting point is the One-to-One. Once we’ve established a mutual fit and you’ve got some forward momentum, we can look at longer-term coaching.

One-to-One Coaching with me comes in three parts:

  • Groundwork… to identify what’s at stake in the situation and where you want to go
  • The Session… this is where we get to the heart of what really matters, over the course of a 60-minutes Zoom meeting
  • Follow-up… you take action and then we’ll meet again for another 30-minute Zoom to look at your evolution, recalibrate your strategy, and agree on next steps.

This is where we get started. The investment for this package is $1,495. Your scarcest resources are time and attention; money is a simply a symbol of commitment to your decision to take action.

Note: Your investment in yourself is also an investment in the greater good: all profits on the One-to-One package go toward the Million Days of Water Project. I am committed to ensuring that our time together has a maximum positive impact in the world.

One to One Coaching…

Long-Term Coaching

See me as your new secret weapon, a concrete fist in a cashmere glove. Full care for you as you take of full responsibility for what you are creating. I’ll be very real about business risks and their implications. Together, we’ll solve complex problems and you’ll get results, the kind of results my clients call miracles.

Costs vary according to your needs. I offer several packages, but intensive work like this typically requires a commitment of around $10,000 a month. This is intensive individual work in blocks of either six or twelve months. To ensure that I’m fully here for you, I choose my long-term mentor relationships carefully and work with a limited number of people.

If this is the kind of investment you want to make in yourself, click here to book a One-to-One.

My promise to you

With me in your corner, you will make better decisions, ones that best serve your business, your people, and your soul.

Feeling curious?  Click here to book a 20-minute chat to explore where my vision fits with yours.

Feeling decisive?  Click here to book your One-to-One to start moving toward your big goal now.

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