From the Asian Banker to TEDx

My business talks are for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world who know the old ways need to adapt to the future. They are searching for new thinking, better tools, and innovative techniques to help them succeed in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times.

I don’t pretend to know it all. What I can promise is that my talk will shift the way your audience looks at what they are doing, and it will help them ask the right questions to move forward and make meaningful change.

For C-suite audiences with big-picture leadership needs, I bring data-rich perspectives and challenges based on my research and work with the University of Oxford over the last 15 years. For broad-level management and staff audiences, the focus shifts to storytelling, case studies, and the tools individuals can take and use for success in business and life.

Wings of Change

This talk began when I got tired of hearing about disruption and of how few people are talking about how we humans are going to handle it and thrive. “Wings of Change” is a highly interactive presentation based on rock-solid science and delivered through four stories. Fact: wings take you further three times faster.

Speaking on Wings of Change at the Art Sciences Museum 2018

Essence of the Wings of Change:

  • The disruption myth
  • 4 ways people really respond to volatility, uncertainty, unpredictable and ambiguity
  • Reducing risk, getting results
  • The new leadership game in a disruptive world

Sexy Capital

The real stuff about capital raising and business growth, based on more than 500 projects and an investment portfolio of over a billion dollars. Whether you are beginning the capital raising journey or an experienced venture capitalist, this is the new road to more effective capital raising.

Capital Raising to 300 Executives and Entrepreneurs
at an Anthony Robbins Event 2018

Essence of Sexy Capital:

  • Navigating the series
  • 9 critical forms of capital in 2020
  • Why it’s sexy and what to do about it
  • The truth of the capital raising journey
  • What it takes to unicorn


Based on the book Unleash Your Voice, this focuses on what it takes to be powerful as a human being. The new world expects more of us. This is the 7 steps to be more influential, inspiring and powerful as a woman or a man.

Speaking with a group of leaders about what they will unleash in 2018

Essence of Unleashing:

  • 3 daily choices to give you power
  • Busting the unicorn myth
  • Unleashing your voice
  • Managing the noise
  • Inspiring others


Digitization gets a lot of attention as the major disruptor of our times. But when we take a bigger-picture look, another 120 disruptions crowd onto the stage. How can we react without crashing and giving way to chaos?

Based on our Outside-Insight long-rage strategy work through Oxford Scenarios and the Oxford Futures Forums, this is the focused and steady approach to strategic foresight, business sustainability, and reducing the noise of all that disruption into something manageable, adaptable and resilient.

Live broad cast to 5 countries with online interaction,
DSM positively disrupting the world

Essence of Disrupting:

  • The disruption myth
  • Finding the important from the noise
  • Business growth and disruption governance
  • Uncertainty and the new rules of leadership


What it really takes to build what’s important, valuable, and long-lasting. After 30 years in business (and a few more in life), it’s time to talk about money, meaning, and the things that really create legacy.

The other day, some 5 months after the keynote in this photo, one of the audience posted ‘Time’, a wealth that in today’s busy world is so important. When was the last time you remembered a talk months later?

I’m not perfect, but I do connect when you want both business and human to show up.

Joanne on Wealth with 500 Entrepreneur and Executives
from across Asia, Success Resources 2018

The essence of Wealth:

  • The 5 real forms of wealth
  • What it takes to win big and stay sane, happy and healthy
  • The 3 plans every business executive (and person) needs for wealth
  • What they didn’t tell you about risk management


Based on my TEDx talks, this one is about the personal journey of creating a more beautiful balanced life, doing the impossible, and yes, business growth in complex uncertain times. Yes, this would be my quietly inspirational talk.

This talk is here for a reason. You’ve read this far. Connect with me, call me, bring me in to add humanity and the belief that it is possible to create a better , wonderful world.

When we spread our wings, the impossible becomes possible
Joanne Flinn at TEDx

Essence of Unicorning:

  • The lift or lower test
  • Seven steps to doing the impossible
  • What’s your unicorn?
  • The magic of 1%*

Everything was once impossible

Joanne Flinn

* The business challenge: where will the next 1% of value come from, when the left-brain logical processes of traditional leadership have been maximized and optimized, leaving little room for gain?

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