15 signs you need a business coach

According to Business Founders and C-Suite Executives.

How many do you recognise for yourself?

1. Procrastination.

2. You’re stressed and you don’t know why.

3. You can’t structure your thinking.

4. You’re struggling to balance all your obligations across work life, family, love.

“The big picture stuff feels out of kilter.”

5. You don’t know what keeps you in flow.

6. You don’t know what team and support structure you need around you.

7. You’re working too hard and not getting enough done.

8. Work doesn’t feel like fun.

9. Excessive consumption: caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, shopping.

10. You realize you’ve hit the limits of your abilities.

“I realized I need to be a different CEO each year, there were competencies I didn’t have, and I could spend years to develop them or find someone who had experience and tap into their wisdom.

11. You’ve identified a knowledge gap.

12. You’re spending too much time in the business not on the business.

 On the business : It’s the future, it’s strategy, it’s the awesome, it’s the beautiful future.

13. You’re thinking of packing it all in cause you feel you are losing you mojo around it.

14. You’ve tried to grow and failed.

15. You don’t know what you don’t know.

How did you rate yourself? For a swift debrief, keep reading.

0: You are in an awesome place! Keep it up. Appreciate that you are in flow. Business coaches may add value in new perspectives and stretching you into the unknown.

1-5: You are dealing with the regular Founder/C Suite stresses. Business coaches add value in business insights and as a human sounding board to get from ok to great in both business and life.

6-10: The challenges are mounting. Keep an eye your health as long term this can create health challenges. Business coaches can value on both the human and the business side. Look for one that can bridge both worlds as a thriving business that kills you is not a good look.

11+: Get your executive coaching team in place swiftly. Yes, team. At this level, you’ll have multiple things going on that need breath of expertise. It’s time to manage ‘key person risk’, yes, you.

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About Joanne: I mentor and coach business executives, business leaders and business founders through the growth journey. I’ve been doing this since I ran my first $10million business at 24. I love being able to help people with great visions who have built the foundations of a business take it where it needs to go next.

Sometimes it’s pitching, other times it’s an internal issue or it may be simply the very real need for a sounding board and an ear that understands what your journey really is like.

If you are ready to be mentored and coached by me, book a time with me at Mentor and lets get started.

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